ELTA North America is a global leader in

the design, manufacture, development, and support of innovative electronic systems spanning ground, maritime, airborne and surveillance needs.

We proudly assist local, state and federal governments in better achieving their security and defense missions.

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ELTA North America is a U.S. corporation that operates under a Proxy Agreement with the U.S. Department of Defense. As a U.S. corporation operating under a Proxy Agreement, ELTA North America has its own U.S. Proxy Board of Directors that monitors and oversees all company activities related to classified and export-controlled information, security procedures, and company management. The President and Chief Executive Officer of ELTA North America reports directly to the U. S. Proxy Board of Directors.


We believe in...

Our Mission

To provide high quality defense and security products and services that exceed customer expectations while solving their most

challenging problems.

We employ innovative, proven technologies to deliver capable,

cost-effective solutions.

We team with our customers and partners to achieve their success.

We are driven to protect our nation and allies, and preserve

our way of life.

Our Vision

To be a

key global partner that creates

trusted, innovative


to defeat the most

difficult threats to our world’s security.

Our Values


We act honestly, morally, and ethically.


We are committed and accountable to our customers and each other.


We create value for our customers by consistently delivering high quality products and services with a clear focus on continuous improvement.


We foster a diverse collaborative working environment recognizing the contributions of our people and partners.  

ELTA NA is proud to be

ISO 9001 certified.

See how this allows us to

better serve our customers

on our Quality page.

To learn more about our certification body, NQA, click the logo.

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