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December 19, 2019

C-sUAS Equipment & Troop Training

ELTA NA contributes to countless training events each year, teaching hundreds of defense and security individuals how to effectively use our C-UAS equipment.  Check out some of the other incredible organizations we team up with to get the job done.

ASD SOLIC CTTSO C-sUAS Equipment and Troop Training Highlights

November 18, 2019

D-FEND Solutions in the Threat Against Rogue Drones

D-FEND Solutions works diligently to fine-tune their C-UAS EnforceAir system through real-life application with CTTSO. We're honored to be D-FEND's U.S. marketer.

D-Fend Solutions Assures U.S. National Security Against the Increasing Threat of Rogue Drones

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